How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?

Some pet-specific products will have recommendations for dosing, but the truth is, not enough data has been collected to substantiate exact dosing. Therefore, it is recommended that you dose gradually. Start out with 1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight twice a day and monitor your pet’s reaction. Start low and go slow when increasing.

CBD Oil for Pets vs. CBD Treats

As with humans, pet-specific CBD products come in several forms, such as edibles (treats), oils, and topicals. Treats work well because of their appeal. But a CBD oil product allows for more adjustment in dosing. Again, you will figure out what works best for your beast baby.

What Is the Best CBD Oil for Pets?

Ananda Pets Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the perfect place to start. Ananda is a reputable hemp company and high-quality CBD producer that does rigorous quality control testing. This product is made exclusively for dogs and cats and comes with dosing recommendations. What’s more, it comes in tincture form for ease of dose adjustment that you can administer by dropping directly into your pet’s mouth or by putting it on their favorite food.