The G43 is a limited release vaporizer created by The Vape Critic (Bud). To date there have been 2 versions of the G43 produced. Both versions have essentially the same design, the biggest difference is how they are powered. The first version comes with a 510 connection and is powered by a mod box. The most recent version of the G43 replaces the 510 mod with a simple battery sled powered by a protected 18650 battery.

The design is simple but elegant, and extremely effective. The convection heater used by the G43 is based around the idea that glass holds heat. It consists of a stainless steel coil wrapped around a glass rod that is surrounded by glass beads. All of this is housed inside an 18mm joint acts as the bowl. Because of this you will need to use the G43 paired with a rig, J-hook, or stem with an 18 mm female joint.

Although the vape itself is quite small, the G43 is really only as portable as the piece you choose to use it with. For this reason, it’s nice to give yourself a couple of different pieces to use with the G43. Pairing your G with a J-hook makes for a pretty portable option, a giant bong on the other hand may not be so portable.

Regardless of what you choose to pair the G with you can expect to get great tasting, potent clouds with ease. The design of the G43 heater is simply brilliant. The coil heats the glass rod, and the rod heats up the glass beads. Prior to vaping you will need to let your G heat up for about four minutes. Once heated up, the coil continuously heats the glass, and the glass holds the heat. When you draw you pull air over the hot glass which in turn heats the air, as this hot air passes over your material vapor is produced.

From a performance standpoint, both versions are very similar. However, functionally there is a small difference between the two.

If you ordered the 510 model you had the option to order a Wismec P80 box mod as well. You could also use your own mod, provided it is capable of downloading the “mysirevic” firmware required to operate the G43. When ordering the P80 it came preloaded with “mysirevic” and everything was ready to go straight out of the box.

Because the 510 version utilizes a mod, the user has the ability to adjust the wattage, this puts a little bit more control in the users hand. I personally like to run between 11 and 11.5 watts, but the G43 will perform well at lower settings and higher settings as well. Once you have selected your wattage, place the mod in cruise mode and allow the G43 to warm up for about 4 minutes. Once fully heated your all set to start your session.

One advantage of the mod version is the ability to crank up the temperature for concentrate use. To use trates with your G43 just load your dab on a healthstone (available from Bud’s shop), place the stone in the G43 (dab side up), and adjust your wattage accordingly.

The battery sled version simplifies the design by taking the mod box out of the equation. Simply insert a protected 18650 battery into the sled and allow the G43 to heat up for four minutes and you’re good to go. For slightly lower or higher temperatures you can preheat for less/more time.

While it may seem like the mod version has a slight edge by having more functionality, personally I prefer the sled. The simplistic design the sled version offers means no fooling around with settings, and with a four minute heat up IMO the sled version heats to a perfect temperature for vaping.  The sled version is also significantly lighter than the 510 model with a mod attached, making it that much more portable. It is nice to be able to adjust watts up for concentrate use, however the sled will still allow you to use trates, you just need to “sandwich” them between some flower.

Aside from the differences in functionality both versions perform very similar. To load your G43 simply remove the basket screen from the 18mm joint end of the slide, load your material inside the joint, and replace the basket screen. Personally, I like to load the bowl before I do the preheat to allow the herb to soak up some of the heat, but it’s not necessary to do so. Once loaded, place the G43 in your favorite 18mm piece and let ‘er rip. Because the G43 is a convection oven you will benefit from stirring your load occasionally.

If you keep up on the maintenance with the G43 cleaning is pretty easy. Just place some isopropyl alcohol in a small container (a shot glass works great), and stand the G43 up inside of it. Be careful to only allow the alcohol to reach just below the heat shrinks. After soaking allow the G43 to thoroughly dry out before use. If you are consistent with your cleaning this should be all you need to do.   If you neglect maintaining your G43 for too long cleaning it will become a bit more of a challenge, but it is still doable.

For a thorough deep clean you can remove the screens and dump out the beads to soak. Be warned however taking the G43 apart is much easier than putting it back together. Honestly, your much better off regularly cleaning it, that way you won’t ever need to deal with putting it all back together.

When bud first started designing the G43 his mission was to create a vaporizer that was both powerful, and affordable, and that’s exactly what he accomplished. $99 gets you the most powerful “portable” vape I have ever used. Because of its all glass design, it is also one of the most flavorful vaporizers in my collection. Due to its limited release, it can be difficult to get your hands on a G43. However they do occasionally show up on the second hand market, if that opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate, it won’t be available for long.