Rasta Buddha Tao (commonly referred to as RBT), is a dry herb vaporizer manufacturer out of upstate New York.  Currently, RBT offers three different models, the Milaana, the Splinter, and the Splinter Z.  All of these vapes are 100% convection, on-demand vaporizers.  All of these vapes are capable of producing top quality vapor, the biggest difference between them is their functionality.

The Zion was the first vape produced by RBT, and at the time of it’s release there really wasn’t any other portable vaporizers quite like the Zion.  Sadly the Zion was only made in a very limited run, I have heard people refer to it as being as rare as unicorn horns.  It really is a shame because the Zion is a pretty amazing vape.  It utilized a stainless steel mesh “coil” as its heater, which is enclosed in a glass housing.

Rasta Buddha Tao

Operating the Zion is really simple, you just load a glass stem with material, place it into the heater, and push the button to heat up the device.   The heat up time with the Zion is almost instantaneous, and the flavor and potency of the vapor are nothing short of top tier.

The reason that I bring up the Zion is because the heater design in this vape would become the model that all RBT vapes used going forward.

The first model to be released after the Zion was the Milaana.  The Milaana used the same basic heater design as the Zion, but it was made slightly smaller than the original Zion heater.  In addition to having a smaller heater, the overall size of the Milaana is much smaller than the Zion as well. This made the Milaana far more portable than the Zion, which was about the size of a brick.

Zion Vaporizer

The temperature of the Zion was regulated by an analog dial, the Milaana however is entirely unregulated.  To control the temperature on the Milaana you will need to pulse the fire button on and off.  Because of this manual style of operation the Milaana does have a little bit more of a learning curve than other RBT products.  However, once you get your technique worked out you can get some pretty incredible performance out of this device.

To date there have been three versions of the Milaana produced.  First there was the “OG” Milaana, next came the Milaana 1.5.  The only real difference between the OG, and the 1.5 is that the bottom of the 1.5 was made more flat then the OG’s rounded bottom.

The most current model is the Milaana 2.  The Milaana 2 offers the same flat bottom as the 1.5, as well as a more squared off body style than the previous models.  Additionally the fresh air intake on the 2 was moved from up near the heater, to the front of the vape, above the fire button.

Milaana Vaporizer

All three versions used the exact same heater and are hand assembled by RBT.  Currently there is a Milaana 3 that is in the pre production phase.  The Milaana 3 will still use the same heater as the previous versions, but will have some changes made to the body.  Another difference with the Milaana 3 is that opposed to being assembled by RBT in the U.S., like previous versions, the 3 will be massed produced in a factory in China.

After creating the Milaana RBT’s next offering would be the Splinter.  The Splinter uses the exact same heater as the MIlaana, but unlike its predecessor the Splinter is fully regulated.  The way RBT managed this, was to place the heater on top of a 510 threaded base.

The ability to throw the splinter on top of your favorite 510 box mod is pretty convenient.  Dialing in your splinter to best suit your needs is made incredibly easy by adjusting the wattage on your mod.   In addition to being able to regulate the temperatures, using a box mod acts as a safety measure, ensuring you never over drain your batteries.

RBT Splinter

Originally the Splinter was a U.S. made hand assembled unit.  Currently the only available versions of the Splinter are the V1 and V2 both of these versions are mass produced in China, and the biggest difference between the V1 and V2 are the wood types used to house the heaters.  The heater in the Chinese models are the same heaters that are used in the U.S. model, however the glass used in the U.S. models is a thicker glass.   This made it a bit more durable than it’s Chinese counterpart, performance however remains the same between the two versions.

RBT’s next offering was the Splinter Z.  The difference from the original Splinter is essentially the size.  Not only is the body of the Z bigger, but so is the heater.  For this vape RBT went back to using the bigger heater originally used in the Zion. This is truly a beast of a heater.  The larger surface area means the Z will take a couple seconds longer than the original Splinter, or the Milaana, but it also provides a more robust vapor, making this a great option for those who like to vape through water.

Splinter Vaporizer

Because all of the RBT products use essentially the same heater, you can expect to get the same great vapor quality from all of the available models.  The all glass vapor path used in all RBT products really lends itself to some great tasting vapor, and the heater is strong enough to please even the biggest cloud chasers.

It is fairly well known amongst the vape community that RBT has a history of great products, but less than stellar customer service (particularly when it comes to warranty repair times).  However, it was recently announced that RBT brought on some new people to help out with repairs and customer service.  Hopefully this should greatly improve the customer experience.  If RBT is able to keep it’s customer service on par with the quality of its vaporizers, this will definitely be a company to keep your eyes on.