The WoodScents vaporizer from Ed’s TNT is a desktop, log vape.  Similar to other log vapes, the WoodScents uses a cartridge style, convection heater.  If you’re unfamiliar with log vapes, there is a reason they are so popular. Simply put, they just work!

From a performance standpoint, it doesn’t get much simpler, or more effective. Just pick your setting on the dial, and give your device a few minutes to reach your desired temperature. Once heated, you just need to load the bowl side of your stem, and place it over the heater. Inhale through the opposite end of the stem, and you’ll be on your way to cloud city.

WoodScents Vaporizer
WoodScents Log Vaporizer (Bog Oak)

You may be asking yourself… “If this log vape is so similar to others, why should I go with Ed’s TNT?”…  It’s a fair question, so let’s talk about what separates the WoodScents from the rest of the pack.

First off, Ed makes a point to use only the finest materials in all of his vaporizers. The WoodScents has an all medical grade 2, titanium airpath, so you can rest easy that neither your flavor, or more importantly, your health will be affected negatively by the use of sub par materials.  Additionally Ed makes it a point to search the world for only the best, most sustainably sourced wood species, for every vape he makes.

In my mind, this makes the WoodScents a great value, as is. Ed however, clearly holds himself to a higher standard. Not only is each WoodScents made only of the best materials, they are all hand turned, right here in the USA, by Ed himself.

The craftsmanship on the WoodScents, is second to none.  This will be very obvious to you from the moment you first hold your WoodScents. You can clearly see how much work goes into these vapes by simply holding it in your hands. Being handmade ensures that each WoodScents has a beauty that is unique to itself, meaning no one else will have a vape that is exactly the same as yours, even if it was made out of the same wood species, your vape will have a personality all its own.

Titanium Construction

Certainly all of these qualities put the WoodScents a step ahead of its competitors, but for Ed its still not enough, so Ed put together an accessory package, that is included with every Woodscents that is more inclusive than any other vape I have ever purchased. The list looks like this…

  • 1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium Aroma Log
  • 1 Titanium VapCap tip with Titanium screen, and O-rings
  • 1 VapCap cap
  • 1 3” 14 mm matching wood stem, with condenser
  • 1 14/18 mm matching wood water pipe adapter (WPA) without a condenser
  • 1 WoodScents glass aroma cup (for use with essential oils)
  • 1 WoodScents 4” straight draw glass stem
  • 1 WoodScents Titanium tip glass stem (4”)
  • 1 14 mm glass water pipe adaptor
  • 1 12 volt power adaptor
  • 1 right angle extension cable
  • 1 extra titanium screen
  • 1 extra pack of O-rings (4) for your titanium tip
  • 1 tin of Ed’s Bomb Ass Butter (for conditioning the wood)

…It may have been easier to just say, “Everything, but the kitchen sink”

With such an extensive list of accessories, at first glance it may seem a bit intimidating. Rest assured the WoodScents is simple to use. The included accessories are just there to provide the user with every option they could ever possibly want, or need.

Ed's TnT

Basically you  just choose what stem you prefer to use, and your good to go. You can  go with an all glass vapor path, by using the glass stem or water pipe adaptor.  Or you can use the included VapCap Titanium tip to build a stem, out of the wood or glass stem, or you can use it with the 14/18mm wood water pipe adaptor, and throw the WoodScents on your favorite rig.

Because Ed also throws in the VapCap cap, you could even build your self a fully functioning titanium DynaVap with a gorgeous wood body, that you can power with a small butane torch  lighter, and bring with you on the go. So essentially your getting two vapes for the price of one.

I consider this a micro dosing vape, regardless of stem type. You are however able to adjust the screen position in the glass stem, allowing you to pack a bigger load if you want to. It is worth pointing out though, the farther you have your load from the heater, the more you increase the chance that you will need to stir your material to get the most even extraction.  The heater in these vapes are designed to keep up with whatever you throw at it. Whether you want to have a laid back session sipping on your stem, or massive rips on top your favorite water pipe, you are going to be happy with your session every time.

One of my personal favorite things about the WoodScents, is the ability to leave it turned on all day long. This ensures a truly on-demand experience, whenever your ready. Your vape will always be warmed up and ready to go. This makes it perfect for keeping at my desk when working, next to my favorite recliner while playing video games, or even sitting on top of my amp while playing guitar. You will always be able to take a quick rip whenever it is most convenient.  Because it can be left on all day the wood stays a bit warm (but not hot), so in those cold winter days it even doubles as a great hand warmer.

Water Pipe Adapter
WoodScents Vaporizer Shown with Water-Pipe Adapter

Cleaning and your maintaining your WoodScents is not only important, but also very easy.  The glass, and titanium parts can simply be put in Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or greater).  To condition the wood pieces simply put a small amount of the included Bomb Ass Butter on a piece of paper towel and thoroughly rub it into the wood. Once you have done this, take a clean paper towel and wipe off any excess butter off. Periodically conditioning your wood will ensure that your Woodscents stays as beautiful as the day you first got it, for a very long time.

With a price tag starting at around $300 for an entry level domestic wood species vape, and going as high as $500 for some of the more rare wood species.  The WoodScents certainly isn’t a budget vape, but the level of craftsmanship, combined with the high quality vapor, accessories pack, and the fact that Ed 100% stands behind his product, offering a lifetime warranty on internal electronics, make the value of this vape exceed its price tag by quite a bit.

It’s my opinion that the WoodScents is more than just a vaporizer, it’s a highly functional piece of art.  I have a rather extensive vape collection, but the craftsmanship, and beauty that goes into the WoodScents, makes this the only vape in my collection that I consider truly irreplaceable.

Stay calm, and Vape on!